Planning scheme amendments

Planning schemes are amended on a regular basis. A planning scheme amendment may involve a change to a planning scheme map (often a rezoning), a change to the ordinance or written part of a scheme, or both.

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To view a list of amendments use the form below to select and search.   

You can narrow your search by selecting an amendment status, amendment category, a specific date range, or by using a keyword.

Keywords must be four or more characters long and be complete words. Amendment numbers with two digits must include a zero. For example, an amendment number such as C70 should be typed as C070, or VC99 typed as VC099.

More information about planning scheme amendments...

Service slowness

We are currently experiencing some slowness in retrieving amendment records for some planning schemes with large numbers of amendments.

If your search request fails we recommend you limit your search by searching on status, category, date, or by using a specific keyword to find an individual amendment, for example C123.

The matter is being investigated and we apologise for any inconvenience.

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